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Basic Licensing Package #1 – Salespersons License – DOWNLOAD



The Realty Institute offers a course package for persons interested in obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson’s License and preparing for the state licensing exam. Courses in the package include: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Finance.


Product Description

“Real Estate Principles”
“Real Estate Practice”
“Real Estate Finance”

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Basic Licensing Package – Salesperson License

REAL ESTATE PRINCIPLES: Prerequisite course for taking the real estate licensing examination. The material presented offers a firm foundation for the acquisition of a California real estate license and provides an excellent basis for advanced study. Topics include the nature of real estate and the foundation of our property laws, land descriptions and measurements, how titles are held, acquisition and transfer, deeds, liens and encumbrances, agency, elements of a contract, landlord and tenant law, real estate mathematics and financing. In addition to the above material, you will be introduced to the terminology and forms commonly used in everyday real estate transactions.

REAL ESTATE PRACTICE: Introduction to the study of real estate. Essential information regarding the real estate industry including topics on agency responsibilities for both the salesperson and the broker, office management, how to list and prospect property, selling and marketing techniques, advertising, financing, escrow and closing procedures, general taxation and income tax, property management, appraisal and property valuation, mathematics involving the real estate transaction, business opportunity brokerage, public sales of real estate, real estate exchanging and a review of real estate contracts.

REAL ESTATE FINANCE: A course designed to help the new licensee, the experienced real estate agent, the investor, as well as the lender gain a better understanding of the complex world of real estate finance. Topics include the mortgage money market, lending institutions, private money, conventional loans, government loan programs, the processing and closing of loans, valuations, and mathematics in the financing process.