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DRE Exam Preparation with DVDs


Product Description

ONLINE REAL ESTATE LICENSE PREPARATION WITH DVDs.   This course,  designated as a “Real Estate Licensing Preparation Course,” is a program of intensified home study with the purpose of training the student  to pass the licensing examination. 

Blair Black has been a full-time instructor and a real estate broker for over 40 years.  He has had extensive experience teaching review courses.  His seminars became so popular that he had one of his best video taped so that students could review the material as often as desired in preparation for the State exam.  In the 5-1/2 hour lecture he explains relevant test questions and updated solutions to questions asked on the California Department of Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Examinations.
The two DVDs contain a video seminar covering the following areas to help prepare the license applicant to pass the state exam:
Real Estate Law – Classification and Types of Licenses; Discipline and Exemption from Licensing; The Real Estate Fund; Trust Fund Records; Regulations of Transactions in Loan and Security Devices; and Ownership.

 Real Property Law – Bundle of Rights; Ownership of Property; Leases; Acknowledgments; Recordings;  Deeds; and Assuring Marketable Title.

Encumbrance – Liens; Non-Money Encumbrances; Homesteads; and Encroachments.

Financing – Types of Government Loans; GI; Veterans Administration; Cal-Vet; Conventional Loans; Construction Financing; and Real Property Sales Contracts.

 Appraisal – Principles of Value; Principles of Contribution  Depreciation.

 Contracts – Essential Elements; Statute of Fraud; Performance; Listing Agreements; Options; Purchase Contracts; Receipts and Escrow.

Taxation, Public Controls And Business Opportunities – Federal Income Taxation; Classification of Property; Depreciation; Calculating; Depreciation; Tax Free Exchange; Sales and Lease Back; Public Control Subdivisions; Map Act; Fair Housing; Business Opportunities; Bulk Sales and Use Tax; and Alcoholic Beverage Control

 Math Review – Don’t miss this!  Diagrams and short cuts that may make the difference if you pass the state exam.

After reviewing the DVDs we recommend you go online and review the exam questions which were covered on the DVDs.

Upon registering for online testing,  you will be granted access to the online questions and answers.  

 Refund Information:  There is no refund on DVDs or the online license exam preparation questions and answers.  

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