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Management & Supervision


Effective January 2016, this is a MANDATORY COURSE for all licensees renewing their licenses. It covers all the relevant new materials and laws regarding establishing policies, managing staff and documents, funds handling, overseeing and managing salespersons, coverage of new laws and buyer/seller rights.

Product Description

This is a MANDATORY COURSE for all licensees renewing their license. The new course covers the following topics:

  1. How to establish policies, rules, and procedures including systems to review, inspect, and manage offices.
  2. Supervision of all transactions involving a real estate license.
  3. Retaining and reviewing documents which may have a material effect upon the rights or obligations of a party in a transaction.
  4. The proper filing, storage and maintenance of documents.
  5. Proper handling of trust funds.
  6. Advertising of any service for which a license is required.
  7. Familiarizing salespersons with the requirements of federal and state laws relating to the prohibition of discrimination.
  8. Regular and consistent reports of licensed activities of salespersons.
  9. The role and responsibilities of branch or division managers, including salespersons acting as branch or division managers.
  10. The responsibilities of a broker to ensure salespersons working as “teams” are in compliance with [recent Code amendments].
  11. Supervision over restricted licensees.