Getting a Real Estate Brokers License is much less complicated than you might think.

To get a real estate broker’s license a student must complete Eight (8) statutory courses. The following is a list of courses that we offer at the Realty Institute to satisfy this requirement:

And three* courses from the following:

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In addition to the educational requirements, applicants must show two years full-time licensed experience within the last five years.

How do the courses work?

Courses are home study. Two different formats are available, printed textbooks or downloadable PDF files.

(Note: Legal Aspects of Real Estate and Real Estate Economics are only available with printed textbooks. Each textbook is $25.00)
Shipping:  1 -3 Courses: $15.00;  4 or more Courses: $20.00

Each course requires a minimum of 18 days each from date of enrollment and a maximum of 1 year to complete. Minimum time limits cannot overlap.

Each course has a final examination. The final exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Students are allowed 1 hour and  40 minutes in which to complete the exam. A score of 60% or better is required to pass. The exam is open book.

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* If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting have been completed, only two additional elective courses are required.

Proof of completion of these courses from an accredited college or university must be submitted to the Department of Real Estate at time of application.